Parasite, The Wedding Band, and a Few Things Inbetween…

(Originally posted February 2020) OK EVERYONE, I want to start by talking about Parasite,and not just because it won the Oscar for best picture! What a horror movie. Full on Jane Eyre. The thing which is in the attic becomes the thing in the basement yet again, and I loved it! It actually started off kindaContinue reading “Parasite, The Wedding Band, and a Few Things Inbetween…”

‘Tis The Season To Be … A Fan Of Krampus!

(from December 2019) Hey everyone, Let’s get straight into it; ’tis the season for Krampus! So, yeah, I admit I was a little late to the whole Krampus scene, but I’ve been there for a while now and I just love it! The 2015 movie is a must-see over the holidays, and what isn’t thereContinue reading “‘Tis The Season To Be … A Fan Of Krampus!”

Peeling Back Myths

(from October 2019) Hello everyone, For today’s blog, I’m delighted to be joined by my friend, the illustrious Ronald V. Moore, maker of the film Future Kill and a poster dealer, collector, and film historian (he’s the Indiana Jones of the poster world)! So if you see the letters “RVM” and a quote or two in italics, that’sContinue reading “Peeling Back Myths”

Lords of Border Chaos and an Overlord on the scene…

originally posted April 14th / 2019 Hello everyone, Without any further ado (whatever ‘ado‘ is!) let’s get straight into some killer movies I’ve seen recently… Like Arizona. A horror comedy starring Danny McBride which I enjoyed immensely. UFO with David Strathairn is another I got a kick out of, and Slice, starring Chance Bennett andContinue reading “Lords of Border Chaos and an Overlord on the scene…”